Impact Crowd Technology (ICT) is the holding company of CROWD1.

Crowd1 is an established online networking and marketing company with intentions of giving members all over the world the unique opportunity to take part in the gig economy, quality education, international networking, and to contribute to achieving better digital equality in the world.

Crowd1’s international network consists of millions of highly ambitious members with a love for entrepreneurship and sales that provides both employment and a source of income. Crowd1 has seen a remarkable growth of Affiliate members during the first 16 months of operation and are currently in talks with various large organisations for partnerships and collaborations.

Why should I Join?

Crowd1 is the Fastest growing Crowd Marketing company with 33 million members in over 160 countries in Less than 28 months.

The company does not produce any products of its own but helps other companies market their products.

Crowd implements the network marketing model to reward those who help them promote all the partners.

Crowd1 is in Partnership with 7 companies.

✔️Multi Wallet
✔Planet IX




Crowd1 has a lot of benefits which include

1. Loyalty Point: Which you can use to buy products from C-store. You earn loyalty points by claiming daily.

2. Sales Bonus: You earn when you sell any product to others.

3.Active User Pools: Active User pools are part of the company’s profit kept aside for each members who use the particular products.

4. Crowd Bonus: This is the biggest of the company’s bonuses. You earn unlimited and it is based on your efforts and that of your team. All you need to earn this bonus is one active person on the right the other on the left. You earn till infinity provide you fulfil the requirements.
You can earn up to €800million

6. MATCHING BONUS: This pays 10% of all the bonuses your downline earns provided you fulfil the conditions.

7. RESIDUAL BONUS: This is the best of all as it is residual. The company keeps. 40% of its profit and shares it with all its members who have attained team leader* and above. The payment is cumulative of the level you are. You can earn up to €1m monthly.

There is no business that can pay what Crowd1 pays.


You join Crowd1 by buying a Package.
The Packages area.

White €109
Black €299
Titanium €2499

Each packages comes with benefits and loyalty points attached





Lifetrnds is an hotel booking platform with over 2 million hotels on its platform. As a member of Crowd1 you have discounts in hotels.


Affilgo is an online gambling company connected to Crowd1 in which those interested in gambling can take advantage of and make money. The gambling is limited to certain countries. The company however has a betting which strictly for Crowd1 members(50*50)


IS an amazing revolutionary product from emerge gaming in Australia it has several gaming platforms that allows awesome games with no need for the console.


Is an Online Education platform for training the mindset of the entrepreneur.


Multi Wallet is a revolutionary product that has an all-inclusive package. Banking, stockbroking, Crypto currency and digital currency. It comes with IBAN. It is indeed the future.


Is a lifestyle product company that sells perfumes, cosmetics, make up items. Wallets, wristwatch and handbags and much more for the Nigerian market.


Planet IX is a wonder to many as it combines the awesomeness of Virtual Reality, NFT and investment. You need to study it to get full benefit of it.


The power of easy booking taken further!


Crowd1, the #1 online network in the world invites you to the new partner LifeTrnds – The global travel portal with over 2 million hotels and resorts worldwide!


You can have a worldwide impact playing PLANET IX! This revolutionary, new strategy game and crypto-collectible platform spans the virtual world while changing the real one for the better.


The C1 Rewards will only be available during Pre-Launch. With the growth during Pre-Launch and after each launch, all pioneers and affiliates will be able to get a very good return on their C1 Rewards since the user base will increase massively. These will generate a recurring profit to you from the growth of Crowd1 and all future use of products and services. Crowd1 combines quarterly cash payouts with a growth in value that is based on the products and services provided by third-party partners.

(no longer in pre-launch)

Introduction to the 5 min Business 

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