Mirror Trading International

Mirror Trading International is a trading company, established in April 2019. We already have members in 100 Countries on 7 Continents.

Mirror Trading International uses scalping, an advanced form of trading technology to give its members consistent daily returns. The average daily return since the implementation of our new trading software has been 0,5% per day. Not only are our members enjoying great returns, their investment returns also compound on a daily basis.

The Trading Opportunity is Bitcoin based (one of the strongest currencies in the world) and as Bitcoin increases in value so does the investment in trade value of our members.

Grow Your Funds

There are several ways of growing your bitcoin. – Invest and let the trading grow your bitcoin through automated safe Forex Trading with daily compounding of returns. – Share your experience and receive 10% Direct Referral Bonuses on all your new members Bitcoin Investment deposits – Build a team or take on MTI as a business and receive Weekly Residual Binary Bonuses

Grow your Bitcoin using Advanced Intelligence Software

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